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International students welcome the freshmen

    On the morning of August 31th, it is the day for freshmen to register. CSMU freshmen come from all over the world, from every culture and ethnicity. With vibrant smile, joyful excitement, the class of 2016 launched their new university life.

    International students actively involve into volunteer activities. In Changsha West Bus station, Changsha south railway station as well as the Huanghua airport, reception spots were set up and international volunteers are fully prepared for helping the freshmen. In the early morning of August 31, the international students have been waiting at the stadium entrance. Because of international students’ limited Chinese capability, our undergraduate formed a group unit, lead the way by the Chinese volunteers, international students participate, to help the freshmen complete the registration process, for example, pay tuition fee and lead them to the dormitory, etc. In order to allow the freshmen quickly get used to campus life, international students give brief introduction about floor distribution, campus characteristics, and put forward delicious foods in Changsha Medical University.

    The freshmen and their parents are deeply touched by volunteers’ enthusiasm and energy. And our volunteers provide useful solutions and warm welcome. Their participant allow students and parents easily complete the registration process.

    Under the international student volunteers and Chinese volunteers’ joint efforts, this welcome work finished perfectly.

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